Jokke Sommer

I think that my authentic living, all day smile and positive vibe makes me + YES. a perfect match!
My main love for YESONLIFE is the quality and style of the clothes, but also because it represents something truly positive. Saying YES to life is something i live by everyday, so wearing it keeps reminding me on the importance of staying positive and when in doubt, say YES!

Jokke Sommer is a multi extreme sports athlete who is most known for his Wingsuit stunts around the world. Jokke has always been fascinated by everything that could fly and dreamed one day to fly himself. When he matured his childhood dream faded and he started a career in Motocross. This sport became his biggest passion and an important part of his youth. After several years of riding, he started to Freestyle and built his own FMX park where he and his friends met to ride and fly.

During the summer of 2007 Jokke and his close friend Jørgen decided to start skydiving and they completed an AFF skydiving course. Jokke sold his dirt bikes and became licensed skydiver. In 2008 Jokke travelled to the United States and completed 250 jumps in two months to gain the required experience. After watching dozens of wing-suit flying videos, he had no doubt that this was what he wanted to do.

His non-jumping spare time was spent researching BASE Jumping

After returning to Norway he signed up for a BASE jumping course and travelled to Kjerag to make his first jump. Starting to BASE jump changed his life and his determination made him an expert athlete in the sport.